Other than selling diamonds, Diarough has also been involved in the creation of some of the world’s most innovative and creative jewellery in the last decade. The Company has worked with designers such as L’Wren Scott to create one of the world’s largest necklaces, worn by Nicole Kidman at the Oscars. Diarough has also been involved with the creation of a necklace that was represented in the official stamp of Belgium. Other than its exceptional pieces, Diarough through its affiliate, Unidesign, known for its creativity and unique collections, creates various types of commercial jewellery using a variety of systems including micro-setting, CNC and traditional jewellery setting. Diarough and Unidesign have always been on the cutting edge of technology assimilation into the jewellery manufacturing process. Diarough’s latest creation will be unveiled on the 4th of December.